10 rules for dating the sports guy

Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter in front of me.

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Think again, Juliet - Romeo is surely not all he’s cracked up to be.

Instead, expect to end up getting to know each other better over a mess o’ribs at Steak N’ Steer. We’re Taking Your Car Unless you’re willing to have a major hair-do altering experience, you should expect to drive.

While it’s feasible Chateau L’Xpensif has a dinner jacket loaner for your beau, there’s no way he’s getting into the dining room wearing Deth Killers.

Beyond the hot bike, the cool clothes, and the devil-may-care attitude, your biker guy likely has a slew of things higher on his priority list than you. Right Biker, beware: here are a few things of which you might want to be wary. We’re Probably Wearing Jeans If you were hoping for a romantic, candlelit meal at a tres-fancee restaurant, forget it.

But anytime my football team comes back from 25 down to win a Super Bowl, we have to bang out at least one mailbag, right? As always, these are actual questions from actual readers. Can you believe that from 1966 to 1984, the NBA FLIPPED A COIN to decide the no. And these flips were never televised, creating some of the league’s better conspiracy possibilities. The Bulls lost the famous Magic Johnson coin flip, then lost it a second time when everyone thought the overthinking-it-Lakers might pick Sidney Moncrief over Magic (before the Lakers came to their senses), and then a third time when Chicago picked David Greenwood over Moncrief.

at least unless Le Bron steals that crown in about 2021). Here’s a look at Neal: For in-the-moment, kicked-in-the-nuts devastation, no NBA coin flippee ever experienced anything worse than losing out on Kareem. Because that failed coin flip launched five decades of What-Ifs, Oh-So-Closes, WTFs, Good Gods and What the Hells — they’ve been the most entertaining, star-studded, consistently relevant franchise that hasn’t won an NBA title.

Check that: You should expect to hand over the keys to your car.

No self-respecting motorcyclist would be caught dead riding shotgun, and any biker worth his salt isn’t going to show up in a car anyhow.

It could be easy getting caught up sending a semi-embarrassing video to a dozen people from different walks of your life, but not every Snap should be treated equally.

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