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With the Maximum On™ technology, Comm100 Live Chat is deployed on 2 servers located in 2 separate data centers.

In case one server fails for any reason, the service will seamlessly and automatically switch to the other server.

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Chatting Rooms, more generally known as chat rooms, are digital places where people meet online to talk to every other with text, audio and video.

At Comm100, we understand that reliable and robust live chat service is becoming more critical to the success of our customers.

That’s why we spared no efforts in research of new technologies and architectures that can offer our customers 100% uptime live chat service. Maximum On™ is a patent pending technology that provides data center level redundancy for Comm100 Live Chat to achieve 100% uptime.

Other criteria: So take a look at the list of 178 programs.

Tell us in the comments if we missed your absolute favorite piece of free software.In the past, such communication has attracted a huge number of visitors to the site even without the possibility to see the interlocutor.Now dating services boast the presence of video and audio chat. Everyone who signs up now gets a FREE trial upgrade to a GOLD membership!21 Marriage success stories, thousands of members, over 83% of our users live in Canada & we're 100% FREE!It's not foolproof—after all, developers want to eat, too—but it helps.

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