16 and 21 year old dating uk rabia and internet dating

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Don't waste your life worrying what other people will think - live your life for you, not for anyone else.

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But the ultimate question - how weird is the 21/16 thing?

It's not a weird age gap, and in fact larger age gaps were and are common.

He was staying at the girl's house, with the parents permission until 2am sime nights (even school nights). The girl told her mom that they had been making out. The mom told her just not to let her father hear of it again. But the dad called me today and was asking my opinion.

On one hand, we know this 21 year old, and he is harmless as far as wooing the ladies.

Rape and sexual assault can occur within relationships.

If you didn’t freely agree, then it’s illegal, whoever does it to you.

Where it becomes weird is the different stages of life the two are in.

Most people would not think it strange at all if a 40 year old man was dating a 35 year old woman--5 years just isn't a huge gap.

this lad is 21 and he says he really likes me and he doesnt just want me for sex. And ever since we met on thursday night, he has seen me evryday ever since.

he isn't the best looking thing in the world and hes covered in tattoos and has alot of piercings (not too impressive...

Since the person is over 16, if the parents do not prohibit it, they can date and be in each other's company.

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