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In a focus group, the men explained that they were too busy working to get a relationship. I have to deal with work first, and that takes up my weekdays. On the weekends I hang out with Daisaku (best friend) and we go out drinking.” That sounds normal, even in America.

Work is priority before going out to drink and meet women.

There are different types of Russian girls: modest and showy, self-confident and humble, outspoken and reserved but, whatever the type, all of them are unique and captivating.

Perhaps, the secret lies in that mysterious Russian soul whose riddle still stays unsolved.

If you've never met Russian women personally and know only general facts about them, then your idea about these ladies must be pretty vague.

Some men think that they are cold and severe just like the weather in the northern regions of Russia.

The concept of society breaking down seems to be leading ordinary men and women to be driven into separate (but equal) misery. Let’s hop on a plane and head to Japan where the government is spending $30 million to pay men and women to get together.

by Aziz Ansari, stated that 60% of Japan men who are single in their twenties and thirties identify themselves as herbivores – very shy, passive, and show no interest in sex and romantic relationships.Those men who have communicated with Russian girls, dated or even married one, can easily prove the contrary.Yes, these girls may seem unapproachable at first sight but once you get to know them better, you'll realize that they are friendly, open-minded, and undeniably charming. The study concluded that when all available space is taken and all social roles are filled, competition and stress experienced by the individuals will result in a total breakdown in complex social behaviors. Males withdrew completely, refusing to engage in courtship or fighting. The experiment he performed to test the stress of the soon-to-be limited space on planet earth.They ate, drank, slept and groomed themselves – all solitary pursuits.

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