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Once you sign up for access, you’re given the option to download different versions of each video for smartphones (for use with Google Cardboard), the Gear VR, or the Oculus Rift.

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There are dozens of actions (sex positions, BDSM moves, etc) that you and the customer can command your character to perform!

And, best of all, this is happening LIVE while you voice or text chat with the customer.

We never thought our dreams would ever come true, but look; now we know exactly what it is like to be in an adult film!

Feel Gay is the world’s largest interactive adult video collection featuring gay adult content only.

High-quality adult videos are the only videos you will find on this site.

Fully compatible with your interactive device, users are now not only able to see the videos, but feel them too.

But then there’s the million-dollar question: Is it worth it? By far, the most well-known purveyor of virtual reality pornography is a company called Naughty America.

For about 25 bucks a month, you’ll get access to it’s entire video catalog — including over thirty VR titles.

Think of it as phone sex or instant message style cybersex with a little something extra!

During a regular phone or IM sex session the customer doesn’t have anything to watch or interact with, but with Red Light Center both you and the customer are controlling animated 3D characters inside the virtual world.

You can also use Samsung Gear VR and the compatible Samsung devices as Note 4, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Egde and Note 5.

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