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Since I have to work while there, she generally shops and relaxes while I'm at work and then we get to spend the evenings together enjoying the city.We've been married almost 25 years and love each other very much.One of the most common situations in this category of sexual play is called, “MFM.” It means Male|Female|Male and connotes the two men pleasuring the woman but they are straight/heterosexual and do not actively stimulate each other.

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Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.

***** Chapter 1 – The Discovery It started as a fairly normal trip to New York with my wife, Stacy, tagging along.

Does that mean he doesn’t love me because he like me to be with other men? It’s perfectly normal and more common than you imagine.

Some men like their wife to enjoy making love to another man and hearing and fantasizing about it and even more commonly, participating in the experience either by watching while in the room or even lying down beside you two and being present to the experience as you and your lover include your husband visually and with conversation.

With my wife’s friend making out with me and playing with my cock to get it hard again so she can sit on it, my wife was playing and sucking on my ball sack.

This got my cock hard as a rock and ready to go for some more.

I did have an affair about 10 years ago for a couple months and he knew about the sex part and he really got turned on by what happened and what I told he we did.

We used to have really good sex together during that time.

I travel a lot in my job and so spend a lot of time there, among other major cities.

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