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Updates: Our engineers are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Yes – some advertisers are seeing a delay in their stats today.

Now there are lots of companies who provide Advertising opportunities at very low cost as compared to Google Adwords.

The admin interface of this plugin uses a highly functional and modern interface based on the twitter bootstrap framework with generous, context-sensitive help on every single option.

Sunset Edition This update of the plugin is the last publicly released version.

Supposedly this is not that uncommon, but today's outage seems to have been going on for at least several hours, which is not really normal.

Google has not yet commented on the issue, from what I can tell. It is 99.9999% a reporting glitch and you don't need to worry.

As you dig deeper, you will see Google is reporting zero pageviews, clicks, RPM, CPC, impressions and zero data across the board for all of January 26, 2017.

Here is a screen shot of my dashboard: It is like the data stopped funneling in.

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Plugin for Ad Sense is the simplest possible way to generate revenue from your blog using Google Ad Sense. Plugin for Ad Sense does only one thing: it puts your Ad Sense code in up to three spots in your posts and pages (both existing ones and those yet to be written).

Adsense publishers are complaining about why Adsense earnings drop, what is the reason behind this huge drop in Adsense earnings, Adsense low CPC, Adsense low RPM, Adsense low CTR and many other queries responsible for this decline in the earnings.

Today on 1 January 2017, I have removed the Stats of CPC, CTR and RPM as showing these stats are not allowed by Adsense.

If your normal website traffic statistic tracker or counter shows normal visitors count, then take heart that it’s your sites or ads been dumped or out of love by search engines such as Google or Yahoo! Google Ad Sense has published to its Known Issues Help page on this later outage (or rather delay), which further confirmed by Ad Sense Pro Stephanie on Ad Sense Help Google Groups that no statistics or data have been lost from your accounts Issue: Reports are taking longer than usual to generate, and aren’t showing complete data for earnings, clicks, and impressions.

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