Aedating rus

"Ma unistan praegu samamoodi, aga mul ei ole hirme, et ma seda ei saavuta." Bänditeo kõrvale ilmus kui maa alt nuku- ja noorsooteatri muusikal "Romeo & Julia".

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Aedating rus

"Ma sain liiga kiiresti pildile ja kohe A-kategooria artistiks, aga samas ei ole õigeid ega valesid hetki, on ainult kogemused," meenutab muusik Kristjan Kasearu (29) aega, mil ta oli 19aastane ning tegi pearolli muusikalis "Romeo & Julia". Olin rokkari elustiiliga noor inimene ja see periood oli tõeline .

Kuid kõik, nagu see tookord läks, on väga õigesti läinud." Aasta oli 2006.

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However, similar developments are found in Baluchi (North-Western Iranian), which is also spoken in close proximity to Indian. Dybo analysis is the one precipitated by the faulty institutional historiography, which contrary to the normal historical methodology divides a continuous historical stream into disparate floating unrelated segments. The marriages of the unrelated linguistic families definitely had a far more profound effect then a transfer of allegiance from one suzerain to another, resulting in distorted glottochronological analysis, already disfigured beyond recognition by the wrongful application of the Linguistic Tree model, as much as would be the case if the Haitian language was used to reconstruct the glottochronological history of the French.

The Indian loanwords already are found in most "Eastern Middle Iranian" languages (but also in Parthian) and they increase in numbers in the modern period." A major advancement is a clear discrimination between the Persian, Indian, and Türkic loanwords, critically important for understanding historical processes in Middle and Central Asia, and for truthful attribution of the deceitfully entitled so-called Tocharian and Khotan Saka linguistic properties to their real sources. The fact that the glottochronological dating happen to conveniently match the little relevant political events should have raised flags on the applicability of the methods and models.

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