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IATA airline designators are used to identify an airline for commercial purposes in reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills and in telecommunications.

The glistening metropolis we see today is worlds away from the desert landscape from which this glamorous playground sprung.

With shops, restaurants, hotels, theme parks and even indoor ski slopes, Dubai offers something for everyone...

The summer months are a popular time to fly this route in order to enjoy the town’s thriving beach and surf culture.

However springtime can be a wonderful time to hike Cornwall’s majestic clifftops as flowers begin to bloom, while a cosy weekend away in the winter is a major draw for many.

Hava durumu hakkında bilgilenin, ya da Parkersburg Havaalanından en son twitter mesajlarını takip edin.

Parkersburg havalanı detaylarini, hangi havayolu şirketlerinin Parkersburg havaalanına uçtuğuna bir göz atın.

Wingman matches people exclusively by their airline and flight number -- so you're only skeeving on passengers who are actually on (or about to board) your plane. Use it to alleviate boredom, find someone to commiserate about watching Seriously, what if someone won’t stop bothering me? It’s entirely up to you to respond (or not), and there'll be a block option if someone is super persistent, like this lady. Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor and can barely stand breathing the same air as strangers, let alone make small talk with them.

Sure, awkward aisle chats are bound to happen, but hey, the app is what you make of it. Yep, Wingman will offer both early check-in and layover features, so you won't have to rely entirely on these time-killing suggestions.

The number 56 bus runs from the airport into town from 7.26am to 6.31pm Monday to Saturday.

During the high season there is a bus every hour, with the odd two hour wait during quieter times.

(Both are published twice-annually.) Airline designator codes follow the format xx(a), i.e., two alphanumeric characters (letters or digits) followed by an optional letter.

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