How to get sex chat rooms - Ajax reorderlist not updating

The Toolkit demo site's sample for this control isn't really all that helpful and third party samples are sparse. There was a situation where I inherited a web form with a priority ranked list that was composed of a list of items that each had a textbox control to the left of them.And how do you bind it with an Object Data Source control? The textbox contained the priority order for the item in the list.

This is exactly what the Reorder List control allows you to do. More properties and events, though, interact to form the programming interface of the control.

Table 5-4 lists the key properties of the Reorder List control.

In particular, the list describes the properties that can be set through attributes in an ASP. The control, in fact, derives from Data Bound Control and implements the IRepeat Info User interface-the typical interface for controls that support a variety of alignments and layouts, such as Check Box List.

control supports binding data from a database to the list.

Family ID=c243a5ae-4bd1-4e3d-94b8-5a0f62bf7796&Display Lang=en ). Connect to the server, double-click on Run this example in the browser and rearrange the list items a bit.

Then, reload the page and/or have a look at the database.

The database is an optional (and free) part of a Visual Studio installation, including express edition.

It is also available as a separate download under For this sample, we assume that the instance of the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is called and resides on the same machine as the web server; this is also the default setup.

There might be other reasons for this error but this is what I found out: You might get the error when you have a databound AJAX reorderlist and you are trying to persist the reordering using database.

The SELECT and UPDATE methods should have the same number of fields, even if they are not used in UPDATE, the signature of both the methods should be matching else you will get this error.

If the user wanted to change the order, he or she would change the numbers in the textboxes and then press a Save button which updated the priority order for the list.

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