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“Yet it was clear he wanted us to find what was tender in her still.” Dern, thrilled at the prospect of such a complex role, remembers thinking of Payne, “I don’t know who you are, but I you.”Four of Payne’s movies are set in Nebraska, where he grew up, and they feature, in smaller roles, locals who have never acted professionally, or at all.

According to the edition, 54-year-old Alexander and 27-year-old Maria are already married.

A few hours ago, she changed her Facebook status to "married".

Subsequently he visited the shop that his family owned a few decades ago and gave a press conference.

A young girl among the audience attracted Payne’s attention.

It’s easy to see where his characters in the early American Midwest-set films that he wrote, Citizen Ruth, Election and About Schmidt, get their wry sense of humour and sharp retorts.

The 52-year-old loves jumping in his car and stepping on the gas.One suspects that Payne would happily have given Woody a lift if he saw the septuagenarian walking alongside the highway. “I pick them up in Hawaii,” he says of the US state that served as the location for his previous film, The Descendants, for which he won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar.(Before that, Payne had won the same Oscar for Sideways.) “I tell you where else: I live a bit up in the hills of Los Angeles, and I pick up Mexican gardeners and maids who are at the bottom of the hill hitchhiking, or even walking. ’ A lot of them are elderly and have taken two buses and still have to trudge up a hill.” So does he feel a social obligation to pick up those less privileged then himself?The couple has already been married with Maria Kontos changing her profile status in social networks to married.According to the sources, the couple is planning to perform a religious wedding in November at Aigio, Greece.They quickly met as the 27-year-old philologist Maria Kontou had been sent by Egio municipality to accompany Alexander Payne while visiting various archaeological sites in Athens.

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