Alison mosshart dating jack white

Despite this, the Whites insisted that they were, in fact, siblings, although in a recent interview, Jack White suggested why the lie would have been necessary.

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Though when it comes down to it, as Alison says, it’s understanding of the situation. This is entertainment XD I’m not even sure to be honest think I accidently found something about it when looking up something else sort of Jack White related and investigated a little.

Alison Nicole Mosshart (born November 23, 1978) is an American singer, songwriter, artist, and occasional model best known as the lead vocalist for the indie rock band The Kills and blues rock band The Dead Weather.

It is being released as part of the Vault package series, released by his record label, Third Man Records.

Jack and Meg White, better known as The White Stripes, decided to lie about their relationship because they did not think that critics or fans would take them seriously if they knew the truth.

One of Henry Wagons' favourite front people is Alison Mosshart, who sings in both The Kills and The Dead Weather.

Mosshart joined Wagons for a chat about being a front person, revealing that it took some time for her to work up the courage to put on a show.

It's no surprise to hear she initially found the experience daunting. For Jack to be behind me on a drum kit when I'm so used to watching him just absolutely rip it up in the front where he belongs," she says.

"That was a lot of pressure and a huge learning curve for me, to have to own it with that guy sitting behind me.

In early 2009, she joined the supergroup The Dead Weather, formed by Jack White, along with Jack Lawrence and Dean Fertita.

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