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The most destructive pest to North America's mature pine forests, the mountain pine beetle, is threatening the next generation.

A study conducted by a University of Alberta researcher shows that the pine beetle not only kills adult trees, but can also leave the next generation of pine vulnerable. in the early 2000s, then moving across the Rockies into Alberta.


In beetle-killed stands the survival rate was one per cent, compared to 25 per cent for those in healthy stands.

The study by Karst, and researchers at the U of A and the University of British Columbia, has been published in New Phytologist.

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"The next pine forest is at risk," said Justine Karst, an assistant professor in restoration ecology at the U of A, and co-lead author of the study with Nadir Erbilgin, Canada research chair and associate professor in forest entomology and chemical ecology. The beetles are now established in northern and western Alberta and have been reported in the Northwest Territories.

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