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I thought I was the only amputee worried about intimacy.It wasn't until I started reaching out to help other "new"amputees that I discovered my fears about sex were universal for the amputee and his or her partner(s).I’m a smart, professional woman in my mid 30s who dates the same.

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Nevertheless in her new film Rust and Bone, which won Best Film at the London Film Festival last weekend, Cotillard transforms strikingly to play a double amputee called Stéphanie. She, apparently, finds her beauty irrelevant, being more interested in losing herself in a part.

When her Rust and Bone co-star, the Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts, first met her on the set, Cotillard was in her wheelchair, sullen and silent.

I was left to deal with my fears and emotions on my own, which probably made my adjustment more difficult.

Before my amputation I assumed that I would wear my prosthetic during intercourse.

I would like to provide a disclaimer for the readers of this particular blog post. Many others are fearful of how their upcoming amputation may affect their sex life. I can, however, speak frankly about my experiences.

Sometimes, merely validating fears can go a long way towards eliminating them.

I wouldn't want to be shocked on a date and show up and have him missing a lot of fingers... A short time ago, i lost the most precious thing in the world to me and the love of my life passed away in my arms after a long and ongoing battle with cancer.

I don't think it has to do with maturity personally. She was the most wonderfully and uniquely beautiful person i have ever encountered in my entire life.

I have been an amputee for about 8 years now and I must say it can be very difficult meeting someone or I should say staying with someone once they find out your missing part of a body part.

As an amputee myself I can say that I have heard much of the things people have said in this forum.

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