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I still want to win an Oscar but kids, I don't know.Anchal Joseph (born January 3, 1987 in New Delhi, India) is an Indian American fashion model and actress.Jim Carrey and his new girlfriend also showed some public affection as they walked closely together near the beach and checked out the sites through a pair of binoculars.

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Something about her lips is just off to me (like Gx G said, very small/narrow) She seems tall, but her boobs are huge (for the fashion industry) and we learned with Bethany that that isn't very good...

I do hope she makes it at least a little farther than bethany though A more edgy makeover might really transform her Please tell me your joking. If that's plus size I don't know what the world is coming to. well, it's so hard to tell with the ANTM pictures because they go a little overboard with photoshop look how small they made the waistline on Diane in this picture, and she was plus size that's part of the reason I'm not sure if Anchal's actually plus-size or not As Janice Dickenson would say, "I'm fat, you're fat, we're all fat!

Jim Carrey had been with Jenny Mc Carthy for five years before the pair split earlier this year.

He had rebounded with a couple other short-lived relationships including another May-December romance with contestant Anchal Joseph.

However Anchal's onedimensional look and her bust (could be aitbrushed) will definitly work against her. She has an amazing body by any regular standards, but for this industry I think her volumptous body may work against her.

Seeing her on the preview standing among the other girls, she has an amazing presence about her. Also, her features seem intense, but at the same time refined.

The actor was seen in Malibu with the new girlfriend, who wore a very skimpy bikini, reported.

It signals the end of his relationship with 23-year-old Russian student Anastasia Vitkina, whom the actor had been dating for a few months.

It seems Sin City is the place to be this New Year's Eve.

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