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The mezzo-soprano from Neath looked striking in a stylish white gown with a full princess skirt.

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“I’ve created this photography technology called Metal Work and essentially I shoot images and develop them on to custom materials,” Levitas says.

“Then I melt them at a very low temperature onto hand-etched pieces of aluminum.” The result is a raw-edged, handmade piece of art that serves as more of a wall sculpture than photography.

Despite saying "I do" in the capital, the opera bombshell ensured her wedding was Welsh as possible with black beef, lamb, cheese and bars brith from her home country.

The newlyweds were even granted permission to fly their native flag outside of the venue with special permission granted by Buckingham Palace.

In a contrived finale, this film-long debate culminates with Karen actually delivering an oral argument for why terminating one’s life is inconsistent with America’s founding principles of freedom.

The genetically-blessed pair wed in a top secret ceremony in London's Hampton Court Palace.

We eagerly await the arrival of our little girl." Congratulations to the new parents!

With a solemnity belied by his last name, sometime-actor-producer-painter-sculptor Andrew Levitas makes a doggedly personal and downbeat directorial debut with “Lullaby,” about a family that gathers for its patriarch’s imminent cancer death. In a director’s note, the polymath helmer — who has worked across visual arts, acted in various bit parts, and taken producing credits on such films as “The Art of Getting By” and “At Any Price” — says he was inspired by his father’s own prolonged deterioration from terminal illness.

His elusive paintings—as big as the brand new Porsche in the driveway—decorate his living room.

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