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When it comes to saying “I love you”, the truth about marriage, or even finding the perfect love quote for your guy, we have all the cute (or sexy! evaluation from the fields of law, social science, political science, and law and economics in order to assess the pros and cons of regulatory impact assessment and other forms of legislative evaluation.

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liability has a potentially important role in complementing ex post liability rules where the latter are insufficient to induce appropriate levels of precaution due to the combined effects of weak penalties and where there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the Courts' required standard of care.

The World Anti-Doping Code (Code) is the core document that harmonizes anti-doping policies, rules and regulations within sport organizations and among public authorities around the world.

On the secular front, the Antihero has fared better, used at times as a mirror for social commentary and political critique.

Continue below to read what some of the world's greatest cynics had to say about love:1.

the French Revolution, Neier invokes the English historian Christopher Hill to trace a direct line between the pioneering efforts of the famous Diggers and Levellers of seventeenth-century England and his own strenuous activities centuries later.

A few gleanings: Jerusalem was unwalled and unfortified between the 16th to 8th centuries; the Albright thesis of a unified conquest has been abandoned by mainstream scholarship; the spread of alphabetic writing did not by three or four or five centuries the examples of travel writing usually cited by late-twentieth-century critical discourse on anthropology, and in some such travel romances the "role and position of the narrator is configured in ways startlingly predictive of the role and position of the 'scientific ethnographer' today" (295).

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The Antihero probably existed first (before conventional Heroes), perhaps pre-dating the sanctifying influence of organized religion.

Through a truly legendary series of trials, he comes to the conclusion that home is where his heart and mind can be at peace.

Certainly, the adventurous journey is alluring to reader-listeners, but the emotional travails of Odysseus (and his wife & son, who have their own problems) is probably what kept Homer's audiences clamoring for more.

Many of the protagonists of Western and Eastern classical and mythological stories fit into the broad antihero mold, especially those who are shown as having turbulent, violent backgrounds and conflicting motivations.

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