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For the last two years I have used Aperture for storing, organizing and sharing our photos.It wasn't the perfect photo solution, which I've blogged about more than once, when it came to wirelessly getting photos from several devices in to the Aperture library.Apple says you must be using OS X 10.10.3 or later on a Mac, and i OS 8.3 on an i OS device.

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Even better yet, is that my wife's i Phone has Lightroom on it, and every picture she takes, shows up on both of my i OS devices and on our two computers, without any issues.

Well worth the $10 a month it's costing, plus I get Photoshop for my machines and i OS devices, so it's a great value for the price.

There are so many factors may cause this i Cloud photos not showing on i Phone problem, such as low battery and bad Wi-Fi connection.

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But like so many things in the Apple ecosystem, i Cloud Photo Library raises a number of vexing questions, especially for anyone whose use case is in any way atypical.

To Apple’s credit, the company did post an i Cloud Photo Library FAQ, and it’s worth reading for several basic details.I did however like how much flexibility it provided me for organization.I know that Lightroom had really good organizational features, but it didn't play well with my i OS devices and Photostream wasn't supported, which made wirelessly uploading my photo's impossible at the time.Downloaded 10.11.2 earlier and find My Photo Stream has disappeared from the Photos app on my MBP.Anyone else experienced this and/or know if this the way it will be from now on?The stars have since aligned, with Aperture being discontinued and Adobe releasing Lightroom for i OS, I now have the opportunity to move over to Lightroom and actually end up with a much better solution.

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