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Immediately after the revolution, The new regime completely shut down the higher educational system in order to overhaul and islamicize it.

During this process many students and faculty was purged, initiating the first wave of the brain drain.

Since 2006, the old format (d)d.(m)m.(yy)yy is allowed again as alternative to the yyyy-mm-dd format in areas where there is no risk of ambiguation. (Day first, month number, and year in right-to-left writing direction) format in N'ko language. Almost all government documents need to be filled up in the DD-MM-YYYY format.

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The international format yyyy-mm-dd or yyyymmdd is also accepted, though this format is not commonly used, and is will most likely to be misread in a standard piece of text, where dd-mm is expected!

There are no official standard for numeric date format, although the traditional format is the most widely used. 'month name' yyyy and in handwriting d/m-yy or d/m yyyy are also acceptable.

Though not yet a common practice, the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) of the Government of India introduced the standard named "IS 7901 (Revised in 2006) Data Elements And Interchange Formats – Information Interchange – Representation Of Dates And Times" which officially recommends use of the date format YYYYMMDD in Persian Calendar system ("yy/m/d" is a common alternative).

Gregorian dates follow the same rules in Persian literature but tend to be written in the dd/mm/yyyy format in official English documents.

In both fonts the use of sharp broken curves and crispy feel is present.

Consequently, I grew confident in project and decided to use Massira as a starting point for the new Arabic companion of FFSeria.

The first wave of Norwegian-Iranians, migrated to Norway as a direct consequence of the political instability that followed the Islamic revolution in 1979.

The subsequent difficult situation has since forced many others to seek refuge in Norway.

This led to public discontent, and along with the increasingly authoritarian regime, massive protests erupted which, in the end resulted in the overthrow of the shah, and the establishment of the Islamic Republic.

The majority of Norwegian-Iranians are ethnic Persians, with sizeable ethnic minorities being Iranian Azerbaijanis, Kurdish-Iranians, Arab-Iranians, Northern Iranians (Shomali) and Kermanshahi Kurds and Lurs.

Short format: dd/mm/yyyy (Day first, month number and year in left-to-right writing direction) in Afar, French and Somali ("d/m/yy" is a common alternative).

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