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The way I was able to get behind it was by going back and revisiting the first season.

I really tried to draw out the feelings Deb had about being engaged to a serial killer.

It’s no secret that sometimes great onscreen chemistry between costars translates to great offscreen chemistry as well. There is really no greater feeling than finding out that your fave onscreen couple are dating or married in real life as well.

Smith or Nicole and Tom circa Eyes Wide Shut or even Ryan and Rachel circa The Notebook.

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And the Season 5 finale was evidence that she now knows decisions have more shades than black and white.(Spoilers for Season 5 ahead.)Carpenter talked to TV Line about Deb’s growth in Season 5, her decision to let the killer go free, and whether she will find out about her brother’s secret life.

Carpenter definitely felt Deb had a lighter spirit this year.“John Lithgow‘s year [Season 4] was the season of grieving, and it was really heavy to play and to come home with, so I felt a little release because [Season 5] was a new chapter in a new book.

And with the amount of time that these costars spend together on set (often in close proximity), it’s no surprise that romance often blossoms offscreen as well.

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