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Amid the pale purple jacaranda of Plaza San Martmn, I fell into one of those impossibly long stares that strangers engage in here.

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In 2007 as a semi-accidental discovery I caught Tango Fire, a touring Argentina Tango troupe, while they were performing in London.

The show was mesmerizing, simple, sensual, and a magical melding of love music, dance and physical artistry.

But the piropo is subtle — with refined machismo, it replaces public humiliation with a private fantasy of romance.

At most, a person walking beside you might hear, but often no one, not even the mystery man, looks to see your response.

Though it didn’t give a reason, it said “We are very sad to announce Stickam will be closing down” implying it may have simply run out of steam as competitors like You Tube took the spotlight.

Stickam got its name from allowing users to “stick” and embed their video streams on other websites.As I bit into my second dulce de leche pastry, I looked around and started to feel a bit self-conscious.I was in the food court of a popular mall in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Since 2005, Stickam has been a haven for misfit youth, emo bands, and anyone else in need of a live-streaming video blog channel to share their lives.But at midnight tonight, Stickam will shut down forever.My blonde hairstyle was about as out of place as my gluttonous enjoyment of the Argentine pastries.

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