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The show will be taking place in Manchester and Ari has assembled a star-studded line up to join her.

Demi Lovato's "No Promises"Demi just dropped her new single "No Promises" with EDM trio Cheat Codes, and it's a worthy contender.

Demi and Cheat Codes trade verses for a satisfying contrast throughout the track reminiscent of The Chainsmokers' mega-hit with Halsey, "Closer".

Ariana's tribute show will be taking place at the exact same time the live final was initially planned for.

Following the recent tragic events in Manchester following Ariana Grande's show, the star has decided to host a benefit gig in honour of the victims who lost their lives.

to make sure Official is the Number 1 chart site on the interweb.

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"I just wanna dive in the water with you / Baby we can't see the bottom / it's so easy to fall for each other / I'm just hoping / We catch one another," Demi sings, telling the story of two people teetering on the edge of a romance.

You'll want this bouncing synth beat on replay on your drive to the beach come summer-time.

It's my very first try with flash, although I have plenty of other programming exp (and photoshop exp), so PLEASE let me know if you find any bugs.

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