Autocad xref not updating

Each drawing can use a separate Auto LISP file if needed.

This gives you almost unlimited flexibility when it comes to what task you want to automate.

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Each layout can have a different page setup attached, so the value displayed by the Plot Orientation field can be different in different layouts in the same drawing.

In addition to usual standard fields (with values like the current file name, author, etc.) there are also special contextual fields whose value varies depending on which space or layout they reside in.

"Automatic update of BOM" is checked in document properties, so that isn't the issue.

Even after a rebuild, a force regen, a rebuild of the individual part, or a rebuild of the entire assembly, the BOM refuses to update to the new changes.

Embedded Block / Linked to file / Embedded and linked to file The status of the selected block. Description The description attached to the block definition. Block definition type Embed Inserts geometry into the current file. Embed and link Inserts geometry into the current file and maintain a link to the external file.

Insert as Block instance Inserts the model as a block instance. Individual objects Inserts the model as individual geometry objects. Uniform Sets the same scale for the x-, y-, and z-directions. Linked geometry can be updated when the external file changes. If the external file cannot be located, the geometry is still defined in the current file. Linked geometry is updated when the external file changes. If the external file cannot be located, the geometry will not appear in the current file.

Block preview image Right-click menu Sets the display mode and the view. Layer style A linked block definition references an external file.

Wireframe Shaded Rendered Top Bottom Left Right Back Perspective Insertion point Prompt Prompts to pick an insertion point. Each time a model containing a linked block definition is loaded, Rhino reads the referenced file to create the contents of the linked block definition.

If you have an idea of what you want to automate but don't know how to realize it, contact us for a solution.

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