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But what you might not realize is that how you act post-spat can be as important to your relationship as what you say in the heat of the moment.

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Normally I would bring up 10 or maybe 35 examples of crazy stuff that girls from my past had said or done, then end with the simultaneously cynical but hopeful conclusion that a man’s mission is just to find the LEAST crazy girl and marry her. Maybe they go to different colleges and decide to part ways, or he cheats on her, or they break up over a fight, and the bond breaks. He goes into recovery mode, speaking to his friends about it, feeling her absence, missing the chemistry and rare connection that he doesn’t share with anyone else. She knows she made herself vulnerable to a boy for the first time, and even though she may have left with good memories she experienced a loss of something central to herself, something she now lacks.

So I started the crazy-example list: sharing too much information on the first date, texting incessantly, getting emotional about blatantly non-emotional things, getting jealous of my time spent with family or friends or anyone that wasn’t her, the deep and deductive interpretation of emails and texts that any law school professor would be proud of, the waiting for the call to come, the games, tons of selfies making kissy faces, mood swings comparable to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Six Flags, interesting sex preconditions that revolve around a level of trust only a blind person has for his Seeing Eye dog, a need for constant validation of my feelings for her, and most common of all, an underlying feeling of, “What do you think made them crazy? The emotionally intelligent among us go bonkers when we see the behavior, but how many of us have ever dug a little deeper and asked why? This lady sage explained: “When a girl and a boy come together, even at a young age, the girl’s investment in and commitment to that relationship is much different than the boy’s—it is often all encompassing. Her body is in, her thoughts are in, her past, her present, and her future are in—her everything has been activated and has very willingly been assigned to the task of committing to this bond. That lack is what becomes what you call crazy.” “What do you mean?

Here’s how to spot the insane chicks online: If she clings to you for dear life from your first contact onward you might be dealing with someone crazy.

Some warning signs might be that she messages you a hundred times in rapid succession, begs you not to go when you want to log off, or bursts into tears when you suggest that you’re not a good match.

Break it off with any crazy ladies you meet online and keep your live cam feed filled with cool, sexy women instead.

If a woman doesn’t have any other online friends, matches, or users or doesn’t have any reviews, likes, or replies there’s probably a good reason why.

Or perhaps she’s in grad school for the next year or two or four? They all seem to be unstable, as if literally they are losing their minds while trying to adjust. My eyes can’t roll hard enough when a girl says, “But I don’t like talking on the phone.” Please.

An initial shyness against a phone call is understandable, but that must not last for long. Plus, I would hate to imagine I’m keeping my date’s parents waiting for her while we’re out.

Someone who is totally available with no other action is likely a little crazy.

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