Bbm statuses not updating

I am laid back, quiet & speak after debating pros and cons within myself.I love Chess and anything that is mentally stimulating.It's actually not too difficult to get your head around, but it is a little clumsy.

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The confusing part is that these buttons change their contents depending on whether you're in a chat or on the main part of the app.

One of the most remarkable features of this messenger is that it is not based on a telephone number in the way Line or Whats App are.

You can also find help with other questions over at the Crack Berry forums or in our own i More forums.

RIM’s Black Berry is slowly starting to lose its grip in the smart phone market.

This 8-digit number identifies you alone on the BBM service.

You can give friends or family members this and they can add you directly using your PIN.

After doing the device switch all data was moved to the Q10 with no problem.

After sometime I noticed the display picture on the Q10 was not changing as viewed from my Black Berry Z10.

You were given this number when signing up but if you didn't write it down, that's okay, you can view it anytime you'd like through the BBM app. Your group will now show up in the main Groups section and you can start saving content to it.

If you still want help with BBM, you can find lots of general info over at our sister site, Crack Berry.

The left screen provides shortcuts to sections of the app and the right screen is basically a settings/action menu.

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