Become a male host on sex chat sites

I want to be pampered and I don't care how much it costs", she adds.The 27-year-old businesswoman from Nagoya, spends around US,000 (S,000) a month on the object of her desire - a faintly androgynous beau with bleached hair and a boyish grin.

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"I want my heart to flutter", Nitta told AFP at a popular club in the Kabukicho red-light district lined with chrome and mirrors.

"Japanese men aren't very attentive and don't show their feelings, but hosts treat you like a princess.

Come night time, the bustling hostess district of Ginza in Tokyo is packed with a post-work crowd of men and women, who spill out onto the street amongst neon signs for different types of hostess bars.

Young women wait outside, trying to attract new customers.

This is accomplished either surgically, where the testicles are removed, or chemically, where patients receive anti-androgen drugs or injections of the female birth-control drug Depo-Provera."A castrated adult male will lose muscle but gain fat.

He can expect hot flushes like those that women have at menopause. Erections will be rare and weak, if they occur at all.

The move followed criticism from law enforcement officials across the country who have accused the site of facilitating prostitution on a massive scale.

Of course, selling sex is an old business -- most say the oldest.

Impervious to the lustful wants and weaknesses of other men, he is "sly, obsequious, and without scruples." As many as 600,000 men in North America are living as eunuchs for medical reasons.

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