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Each town or area adding their own flair or nuance.By the 1860s, factories around Westerwald and Dresden began producing ornamental steins for display, and continued doing so until WW1, from which the industry never fully recovered.If a stein is well made and attractive, they figure, it is automatically old and, therefore, valuable.

beer steins from germany dating 1909-82

Beer steins from germany dating 1909

No one knows how many steins were produced by Mettlach, but we do know that at the height of production Mettlach employed over 1250 factory workers alone.

This is a composite of two earlier articles authored by SCI Master Steinologists Liselotte Lopez and Les Paul, corrections regarding import laws by John Mc Gregor, with editing, photos and photo captions by Walt Vogdes People who have acquired a stein or two through inheritance or as a gift often assume that it is easy to determine the value and age of a stein by simply inspecting it.

Mettlach is easily the best known name among manufacturers of old beer steins, and to collectors the name is synonymous with quality and value.

To be accurate, Mettlach is but one of the multiple factories of the company of Villeroy & Boch (V&B), its name being taken from the village where it is located.

Others suspect the stein's age can be determined by signs of wear (which can easily be faked), not realizing that many old steins were never used for drinking, and may consequently appear almost new.

Contrary to these common assumptions, steins can be real puzzles, and numerous pitfalls await those who take anything for granted in the beer stein hobby.

Lately there's been renewed interest in collecting beer steins with unique designs, including reproductions of works by famous artists.

Designs reflect everything from historical battles to comical faces and even car racing and baseball.

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