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As such, their relationship gained a certain notoriety, as a kind of Prom King and Prom Queen of Ottawa, a situation unusual in Canada where the public and the media are usually loathe to poke into the bedrooms of politicians.

It was both Belinda’s and Angus’ first time attending one of our Speed dating events and just a couple of days ago they celebrated their One year anniversary, after receiving the email from Belinda, I asked her for permission to share her and Angus’ story with you and she was more than happy to share their story.

We here at Simply Speed Dating would like to Congratulate both Belinda and Angus on their one year anniversary and hope its the first of many more to come!

What she means is she wants Maggie to be the only woman she sleeps with.

Lauren’s under the covers and Maggie’s in such ecstasy, she wakes up Liza from the neighboring room with her sounds. Lauren says she’s ready to make this thing gender monogamous.

Her father was a football fan who took his young daughter to matches at Southport and Liverpool.

Yet he was quick to encourage her when she became interested in dance; a delicate child, she attended dancing class, on medical advice, from the age of three as it was felt that dancing would strengthen her physically.I’ve recently received an email from one of our former speed daters, Belinda who attended one of our events last year on 24th of May.On that night, she met Angus and the sparks started flying as they hit it off from the get go After the event to no ones surprise, they matched with each other and they have recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary.Belinda Wright's dancing has this quite rare quality of peace, even when she is living every moment to intensity."In his autobiography Sir Anton Dolin described her as "the perfect dancer.She has beautiful legs and feet and a body of wonderful proportion: she is as light as Markova, with the same ethereal quality and the strange inner emotions of the real artist."She was born Brenda Wright at Southport, then in Lancashire, on January 18 1929, the daughter of a coal merchant.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.

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