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He interviewed people on You Tube for social experiments.He created a card question game as a fun way to connect with strangers.

Now, this may be to the fact that I’m just not absolutely clear on want I’m looking for.

Although there are lots of women to try and engage with I find it difficult to find the type of woman I’m looking for.

Try these tips to improve your profile and have a better chance at meeting someone new!

To tell you the truth I’m intimidated by most of the women.

Dave liked me first and we began messaging back and forth.

This quickly progressed to texting several times a day.Perhaps you’d imagine that a therapist like myself would say that insecurity is a trait that repels men and women alike – that it will prevent anyone from being attracted to you or wanting to start a relationship with you.The (paradoxical) truth is […] Read more Several years ago, I was in a situation that felt meant to be.He’s well traveled and threw himself into different cultures by moving from Australia to Poland and now Columbia where he has to develop new social circles.Most of all, he’s always open to adventures with people.I don’t actually know “How to Write the Perfect First Message”, and since I’m being honest, the title of this post is mostly for SEO reasons. I want to hear your horrible, awful, funny, ridiculous dating stories. I guess I’ll start off by saying this blog isn’t going to be as biased as you may think.

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