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Some people were supportive, while the majority had opinions they felt they needed to share.

Word of advice to people, only share your opinion if you’re asked.

The females often top out at 5’9” and will weigh up to 140. Heck, there are many more mainstream sports with more giant like women than are in bodybuilding! Now, do women who lift happen to meet men who lift and realize they have something in common? Same way you might hit it off with a chick at your swim class, or co-ed softball game, or whatever you non-lifters do for recreational fun.

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In fact, many bodybuilders will tell you that, as they journey through their bodybuilding lives, the things they do and learn along the way can be directly related and applied to many aspects of their lives. Many of you have probably never exclusively thought about dating a bodybuilder.

Looking for a Date Who Knows His or Her Way Around the Squat Rack and Bench Press?

In 2012, he returned to his acting career, starring with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone in the film Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947, near Graz, Austria.

Schwarzenegger's childhood was far from ideal. His father, Gustav, was an alcoholic police chief and one-time member of the Nazi Party, who clearly favored Arnold's brother over his gangly, seemingly less athletic younger son.

Anyways, in that time, I got to learn about what people think of Female Bodybuilders and how different those ideas are from what the majority of Female Bodybuilders are like.

So I decided that it is time to clear the air and clear up these misconceptions. I feel sure that this site has done it’s part in really pushing the idea that female lifters come in all shapes and sizes, and this definitely goes for Female Bodybuilders. Not everyone who is labeled a “bodybuilder” is 6’3” – 280.

He rose to fame as the world's top bodybuilder, launching a career that would make him a giant Hollywood star.

After years of blockbuster movie roles, Schwarzenegger went into politics, becoming governor of California in 2003.

As you take in your surroundings, breathing in that distinct scent of the weight room amongst the constant banging and clinking of weights, you start to take note of the diversity of the people around you.

Amongst the average gym-goers, you notice another kind of person in the area.

We appreciate any guy who is into fitness and is attractive.

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