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When you see how good you feel and how good you look, not even in a vanity way, it just empowers you to live a healthier lifestyle and do more with it.

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We test every beauty product under the sun, interview our icons, and are in constant conversation with Into The Gloss readers, our customers, and community. Not that she hasn’t always, but right now feels like a bit of a moment for her. Back in June the 35-year-old singer penned a personal essay for Lenny Letter, attributing her new, #nomakeup (hashtag theirs, not ours) look to a shoot she did with Paola Kudacki fresh from the gym. To confirm (and also just to chat), I spoke with Dotti, Alicia’s longtime friend and makeup artist who was also on set that day with Paola.

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If there’s a woman who can make you look like the best version of yourself while simultaneously making you look like you’ve never even heard of makeup, it’s Dotti. It’s very elegant and very strong and very powerful, do you know what I mean? She’s always had incredible eyes and freckles and things like that, but we get to relish in that now. People forget because she’s been around for ages, but taking the makeup away reminds people of how young she is for some reason. Six years ago, we met on set on an Italian story and she was actually pregnant with her first child, Egypt. I always eat very healthy—I’m a raw vegan person—so I gave her some of the food I was eating and there was a natural bonding there. What does Alicia’s new beauty direction say to you? And it goes so well with her current sound because she goes out there on stage and she’s exploring and experimenting. Any secrets to achieving that glow if you’re not Alicia Keys?

So sit back, press play on “In Common,” and read on for product recommendations and a bit more on why skin will forever and always be in. The look for this album, in my eyes, is just her growing as a woman and being more comfortable in and owning her beauty. One piece to note about her is that she is incredibly into acupuncture, exercise, and healthy eating.

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