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In 1898 the Oxford and Cambridge Golfing Society (OCGS) was founded; members qualify by virtue of their participation in the University Golf Match.

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I like just meeting people and chatting and am really open to anyone and anything!

I like just having friends I like no strings attached but if I meet someone …

However, somewhere between a drunken formal hall and a staggering walk to a college party, this vision sadly vaporized and all that remained of it by morning was a text message on my phone saying “Congratulations, I can’t believe you pulled him!!! Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe I had pulled him either, in fact I couldn’t even remember!

What had happened to my dream of romantic dinners by candlelight, long walks along the river Cam, and trips to the opera?

I love working out: maxing out on the squat rack or achieving a new dead lift pb is awesome fun!

I enjoy PC games: quietly conquering virtual worlds, shooting up the bad guys, or puzzling my way through portals (even if the cake is a lie). I love to travel and have been to several destinations. Honesty is the best policy- I won't lie I'm new to this (like many others) and if you are wiling to start this journey than drop me a message. I am a 33 year old bi-sexual woman, looking for a woman, I am fun, crazy, out going, and love being outdoors!

Self employed beauty therapist, Done my fair share of travelling and don't wish it to end.

I care and look out for everyone and protect those with my life I love. Coffee would be the best way forward X I'm bright, happy, confident, content and healthy.

Berkeley, Brown, Cambridge, Columbia, Harvard, Imperial College, King's College, LSE, Oxford, UPenn and Yale university alumni societies warmly welcome all of you to their charity speed dating and social mixer drinks.

By Annemarie Grandke When I arrived at Cambridge University for CMI’s one-year exchange program in Physics, I was full of lovely notions of meeting the perfect English gentleman who would sweep me off my feet in a picture book romance À la Jane Austen.

With the late Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton in charge, the focus of research shifted to marine isotope records, which document changes in the size of polar ice sheets and temperature changes.

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