The turquoise car matches the cloudless sky above and provides the perfect taxi for a couple's retreat to the A1A's terminus of Key West or even a family of four's road trip to Disney World.Those occupants will enjoy a modified interior with butter-soft cream and titanium leather bucket seats.To make up for the loss of B pillars involved in opening that cockpit up to the cascading rays of the Sunshine State, Kia's moved the rear door hinges to the back, creating a set of coach doors that further separate the A1A Optima convertible from the stock sedan.


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Welcome to Prime Curves - Since the dawn of time man (and woman) has been asked the question "Ass or Boobs" and we are expected to choose one or the other, why not choose both?

Apparently the Loftsails Racing Blade (above 6.3 The F2009, F2010 and F2011 we always had to rig with a very low placement of the boom.

This was the only way we could hold the nose of the board down and keep the foot placed firmly in the front strap.

It’s because girls often go wild when they have on a fishnet outfit, and it’s true for Camerella Cams.

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