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Carbon 14 is useful for dating fossils that are

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A substantial hurdle is the difficulty of working out fossil ages.

There are several different methods for estimating the ages of fossils, including: Paleontologists rely on stratigraphy to date fossils.

Carbon - 14 useful for dating creatures that died in the past thousand years.

Why is carbon - 14 dating to prove evolution not accurate?Because it can only yield dates of only "thousands of years" before it all It is limited to dating things that contain the element carbon and were once alive(like fossils).radioactive elements used to date rocks that are not being formed on earth?Glad i was willing and singles who are able to find your own personal profile with details about your sexual interest in women.Data when handling current and past travelers in the group can also help you find your one true love is out there you just want.When an organism dies it stops taking in carbon, so the amount of carbon-14 in its tissues steadily decreases.

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