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When liberals castigated Obama for agreeing to the…Read more → Link time: Sometimes you just feel bad for Romney staffers. I’ve just gotten sober recently,’ and I don’t even know what I said. Fisher: It’s great, but you know, she’s had some trouble. When my daughter was born to until she was 14, I just stayed with my daughter.

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Lautner shared his support for his rumored girlfriend amid a public outpouring of grief following her mother's death on Tuesday, calling Lourd one of the strongest and most fearless individuals he has ever met.

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Koch Industries, the company founded by brothers David and Charles Koch, sent their general counsel Mark Holden to MSNBC yesterday and it was painful to watch.

President Obama has signaled that he will play hardball and cut off appropriations if the GOP refuses to honor the debt ceiling deal from last year.

And it was unspecified from a premature age that Carrie Fisher would join into family trade; Carrie Fisher began emerging with her mom in Las Vegas at the age of 12.

Carrie Fisher joined Beverly Hills High School and after it Carrie Fisher admitted Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England.

In her new book ‘Shockaholic,’ Carrie Fisher speaks honestly about her electric shock therapy, a blind date with Senator Chris Dodd and becoming a Jenny Craig muse. Fisher: But it was still a relationship, and who says things have to go the way they’re prescribed. He was just an irresponsible druggie kid, manic-depressive. FOX411: Does it bother you that when you die the Oscar memorial montage is going to have you in the Princess Leia outfit?

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