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As the music continues playing into your late 20’s, the remaining population of single men are claimed and married in progressive order from “he’s okay” to “meh.” When women hit their early 30’s, they’re forced to date one of the leftover douchebags before the music stops and they become a crazy cat lady.

Local women have formed support groups to help process and deal with their douchebag boyfriends.

On the one hand, you’re way more likely to have lots of mutual friends, which makes bringing a new SO into your friend group a lot easier.

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Charleston is well-known for winning best city awards from various travel and tourism magazines, but now Charleston has earned a new honor.

Stylish Woman Magazine has selected Charleston as the #1 city with the most beautiful women who must settle for complete douchebags.

The gender discrepancy leads to the phenomenon known as The Musical Chairs Effect on the dating scene.

In your early 20’s, the music starts and all the decent, good-looking guys are immediately snatched up.

Fauxcountry News was recently granted permission to sit-in on one of these group sessions.

Local Stephanie Boyd shared her recent frustrations.

When you’re dating someone from Charleston, you’re officially in the circle of trust, invites are a given. But nothing is quite as good as a homemade bowl from someone who knows what they’re doing. There’s no need for such romance marketing ploys now that you’re dating someone from Charleston.

You’ll never need an excuse with these affectionate love bugs, but the parties around town here on St. While mostly everyone else around the country is starting to become shut-ins for the winter months by November, the folks in Chucktown are still dining al fresco into the late night hours since it’s still hovering in the 70s. And your Charleston honey will help the pain go away with some immaculate Bloody Marys.

Your new love is bound to take you to see the local trio Dangermuffin, so do yourself a favor and learn all the words to their song Coffin Island, written about Folly Beach.

There’s no getting around it, you can’t not fall in love with Charleston.

“We want the show to develop organically,” says Sarah Devereux, a development and casting associate from Al Roker Entertainment.

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