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Therapy requires that the client look inward and examine issues that may have been buried or avoided for some time.

This can be uncomfortable but is necessary in order to gain understanding and bring resolution to issues that may be serving as obstacles in life.

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Every so often the topic comes up again, with new pictures (or old ones) circulating on the web.

The photographs put Bliss' head on another woman's naked body, and Bliss has addressed the photos on social media (via Cage Side Seats).

Over the last few months, a number of supposedly nude photographs have made their way to the web of WWE superstar Alexa Bliss.

Sadly it's not an uncommon story to hear that private photos have leaked, but in this case, they aren't actually real.

In addition, psychologists are bound by confidentiality, which means that unless you are a danger to yourself or others, or have knowledge of others being harmed or neglected, everything you talk about in the therapy office, stays in the therapy office. Quite the opposite, it means you are acknowledging that you have a problem that you would like to deal with head on rather than ignoring it and letting it get worse.

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