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When the film festival committee decided last year to invite animated entries, only one animated film was received.

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As an alternative to walking alone, SAIC provides escorts between campus buildings and nearby bus and train stops.They came from as far as China, France, Spain, Canada and New Zealand.And the entry from Seville, Spain ended up not only winning the second-place trophy as evaluated by a panel of judges, but it also won the People's Choice Award, based on votes by each of the several hundred people in the audience at Hemmens Cultural Center.But the judges gave their top award to a film made in Chicago through De Paul University's Project Bluelight, named "Speed Dating." Director Meghann Artes said it was inspired by how she tried to find a mate via speed dating before she married her husband. Right, the movie's sweet but plain heroine ends up confronting a hilariously undesirable cavalcade of "loser" men, ranging from one who looks like an insane serial killer to guys who obviously care only about sports or booze.She finally meets a man with a beard — a very unusual beard.3rd Annual Mobile Food Festival to Feature Live Music Programmed by Thalia Hall, Revolution Beer, Neighborhood Favorites and More, June 10 - 11.

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