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Summerlees is located just outside Moss Vale it's an easy drive from either Sydney or Canberra for the quintessential country wedding.

In other news regarding things that must be bought: I need tires.

A friend recommended me to Tire Rack, but it’s still going to cost me between $400-500.

The hall is a Victorian ballroom and looks stunning combining elegant dining and rustic country charm.

Guests can relax and play games on the lawn and simply soak up the country lifestyle.

Since this is the first time I've been let down with the food after YEARS of eating there, I won't hold it against them...however, I will post what I thought to be a disgusting, despicable version of a salad.

All of those dark green marks are not supposed to be there..tell-tale signs of not so fresh lettuce.

alright, maybe i have not had enough sleep the last couple of days. however, i am reaffirmed after reading of the latest "bird strike" on a flight at la guardia--the plane landed safely this morning and no one was hurt, though paramedics were called.

i admit to having a momentary tinge of jealousy upon learning katrina is already in town after a very early morning flight.

It’s just he said, she said to waste the time between conversations with the new guy in my life: Mr. As much as I fear that the Boy will actually disappear, I also fear the I’ll put Mr. Especially not when I have a very gorgeous man (seriously, hip dips…) who tells me I’m stunning and he can’t wait to see me again. But even with the absence, I’ve heard from him almost, if not actually, every day.

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