Cllocationmanager stopupdatinglocation not working

Regardless of the importance of location data in your app, you should choose the appropriate location service and use it wisely to avoid draining a device’s battery.

For example: and you attempt to start location services anyway, the system prompts the user to confirm whether location services should be re-enabled.

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The Core Location framework lets you locate the current position of the device and use that information in your app.

The framework reports the device’s location to your code and, depending on how you configure the service, also provides periodic updates as it receives new or improved data.

CLLocation Manager not working for updating location updates.

Its neither giving any error nor warning so it is more complex to figure out why this is not working.

If your app is terminated, the delivery of new location events stops altogether.

Call this method whenever your code no longer needs to receive location-related events.

What are extra updates for i OS 8: There are two more things need to be add to working with location.

1- Add one or both below keys to (app-name)info .plist file: * NSLocation Always Usage Description * NSLocation When In Use Usage Description Above keys take a string as description of why your app need location services.

I have Privacy - Location When In Use, Privacy - Location Always, and Privacy - Location Usage Descriptions in my info.plist file.

Updates may be delivered in other situations though.

Hi all, I have not success in this topic but would like to share some of my experience.

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