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The Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art named after Andrei Rublev and private collectors from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg will exhibit the outstanding selection of masterpieces. The exhibition will show the traditional Islamic jewelry art in the Moslem countries and territories, which has experienced a long-time Islamic influence in the 19th and early 20th century from Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan), Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Maghreb countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Alger), The Arabian Peninsula countries (Yemen, Oman, Egypt), Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia.

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At the Russian Antique Salon you can exhibit works of antique art dated before 1960: painting; sculpture; graphics; arts and crafts of Art Deco; porcelain and glass; jewelry; archaic; carpets; old books; numismatics; West-European art; arts of the East; decorative and applied arts of the 20thcentury.

Special exhibition of the 43 Russian Antique Salon is entitled “The Russian icon of the Silver Age”.

The exhibition presented by the “Peterburgsky antikvar” gallery features the works by famous sculptors such as Auguste Rodin and Alexander Arkhipenko and the paintings by Russian artists.

Rodin’s sculptures reflect many artistic trends - realism bordering romanticism, impressionism and symbolism, modern and expression.

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The "Russkiy modern" antique salon will present paintings by Grigory Bobrovsky, Victor Borisov-Musatov, Isaak Brodsky, Stepan Kolesnikov, Konstantin Korovin, graphics by Alexander Benois and Yevgeny Lansere.

Masters of the Silver Age, who have been working in 1900-1930s being members of various art groups and associations, believed that art can ease and inspire people.

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