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I am a single mother, eldest is only 16 so no non-dependent adults in the household etc and nobody claims carers allowance for looking after me. Thanks in advance for any advice x As far as I know, disability premium applies if you're awarded either rate of PIP daily living.

I'm just a bit confused as to why I didnt get one of these (or both - not sure how it works) Do I have to apply for it separately? Enhanced disability premium is an additional amount on top of the disability premium if you're awarded enhanced rate PIP daily living, which applies to you.

The first three types of leave are usually given for a time-limited period of up to five years, and it is very important that an application for extension is made before the leave expires.

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If you can't get Council Tax Support, you may get your bill reduced for other reasons, for example if you live alone, are a carer or if your home has been adapted to meet the needs of a disabled person.

Find out about other Council Tax discounts, exemptions and Second Adult Rebate.

People fleeing their home country and applying for protection (or asylum) in the UK are generally excluded from claiming most benefits (asylum seekers are 'persons subject to immigration control' in the benefit rules).

They instead have to rely on Home Office support which is provided at a level less than the minimum the law allows anyone else to live on.

You may be able to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support if you're on a low income.

You need to rent your home to qualify for Housing Benefit.A refugee, however, is only legally and technically a person who has been recognised as such by the UK government under the 1951 Geneva Convention.The distinction and terminology can be important because there are special benefit rules that only apply to 'refugees'.Please consider any relevant site notices at au/siteinformation when using this material.Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) is a form of unemployment benefit paid by the Government of the United Kingdom to people who are unemployed and actively seeking work.Mark Willis examines the rights of refugees to claim benefits and the problems that can arise.

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