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The relationship between a Daddy Dom/Mommy and their babygirl/babyboy/littleone or little is not an incestuous one nor does it involve ANYONE who is underage.

A Daddy Dom/Mommy is a loving and caring Dom who believes in guiding their babygirls/babyboys.

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Daddy dom adult daughter chat

Dedicated to Adult Little Girls aka Adult Baby Girls, Daddy Doms their relationship and the lifestyle.

We understand that there are many similarities between Mommy Doms and Adult boys, however that … Hey everyone, Poppie here and I would like to share my thoughts on creating a successful dom/sub relationship.

Daddies and Mommies are often a wellspring of information for their littles to learn from and will give information and training on a variety of different subjects.

Daddy Doms/Mommies may be loving and caring teachers but they can also be very strict disciplinarians as well.

He knows you, everything about you, you are safe or may feel at "home" in his arms, you don't feel stupid to ask him questions, wanting guidance, or feel ashamed if your clumsy, you can be honest like a child often is.

Always you know when your obedient you shall be rewarded especially by that gleem in his eye, but he must stand firm, he must prove to you that he means what he says.

Lessons learned are also reinforced with rewards the next time the littleone succeeds in handling a difficult situation at work or at home.

It is all about guiding the little in life and how to live it responsibly while allowing them to feel safe and to let out that inner child inside of them that has been dying to escape..

Here are some of our fa So you have been participating in the Adult Little, or Daddy Dom lifestyle I am sure that you have some go to punishments that are sure to work every time.

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