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This cringe-inducing story about a dad who forced his daughter’s prom date to pose in humiliating pictures made its Internet rounds last week, and then I found this gem: The daughter who presented her pastor father with a certificate that her hymen was “intact.” Hey, kudos to her for keeping the panties on (if that's what she wanted), but why on earth did she need to “prove” to her dad she was a virgin?

Not only did it have that phrase on it, it had a shotgun and words in small print that said, “shoot the first one and they won’t come back.” I didn’t think it was funny. Why would I think a joke about killing my boyfriend is funny? It’s not “just a joke” when there’s a part of the joker that really means what they’re saying.

Dads Against Daughters Dating.” There was another shirt in a different shop that went even further.On TV, the couple described their virginity as “value” and she wanted to share her accomplishment with her father.No, sorry, a virgin is not more valuable than a non-virgin.The ICJ has joined other leading human rights NGOs in setting out a range of specific measures to increase the effectiveness of UN Special Procedures – independent experts appointed by the Human Rights Council to address particular themes or countries.Let your windows or walls talk with our pro-gun vinyl stickers for cars, walls, boats and more.I loved Matt, a 15-year-old ringer for Pierce Brosnan, in the way only a hormone-addled 14-year-old girl can. I imagined our lives together against the backdrop of an REO Speedwagon soundtrack. Maybe a hand on my bra, maybe my fingers grazed the band of underwear. Upon Matt’s departure that first summer, I wrote in my diary, “This is the first time in my life I have been in love...

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