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Click here for a description of our "on hold" policy. Comes with the original hardshell case, also in very clean condition. This one has the rare elevated fingerboard, only made for a few years in the 1930's. The A0 was the top of the line A style mandolin for Gibson at this time. These mandolins were used a lot in bluegrass as not everyone could afford a F5. Has the typical nicks and dings of an instrument used to make music for nearly 80 years. Frets are good, neck is straight, neck set is good. Nice playing and sounding instrument with no issues. I would think that would mean a second of some sort, but I see no issues with the mandolin. It plays fine with a nice low action and has the classic Gibson post war sound. Has the original tailpiece cover but is missing the pickguard, however the pickguard mounting hardware is in the case.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT ship rosewood guitars across international borders. 68349) If you are looking for a good session mandolin, and do not mind a little wear and do not need the fancy trim, this is your mandolin. Just an "A", so its top bound only and does not have the pearl logo. Snakeheads are considered the best sounding of Gibson oval hole mandolins, as they ring out and punch well. It has a true red sunburst, flamed maple back and sides, straight pearl logo in the peghead, bound top and back, and unbound peghead and fingerboard as was typical build on 30s era mandolin instruments. The finish and hardware are original including the original adjustable bridge. Nice playing and sounding instrument with no issues. This model has a good bluegrass pedigree - many groups used these mandolins in bluegrass as they were much more affordable than the F-5's. Tuners are correct type Klusons but are a little later wartime era with riveted gears.

Gibson has come along way since the company was founded over 100 years ago.

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Since then the Les Paul has become one of the most recognizable and popular guitars, used by the likes of Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Slash and many more iconic guitarists.

Gibson also released other popular models, such as the SG, ES-335, Explorer, Flying V and many other guitars, all of which are used in all genres of music from rock to pop, reggae to blues.

It wasn't until three years later that they would find the proper environment to record their first single "Long Journey" which now bookends their self-titled release.

These were the kind of songs that bounced between London and Los Angeles, the kind of thing that could have come from Mick Jagger or Arthur Lee or both at once, with crystalline guitar and slow-mo drums that recalled the way the waves take big bites of the beach at night.

Dear Trash or Treasure, Please find attached pictures of my Kalamazoo guitar.

The guitar is a flat top and the stamp on the back of the headstock is FK-220.

Since 2010 Huichica Music Festival in Sonoma, Calif.

has offered a different kind of festival experience.

We often have a Flatiron mandolin, Collings mandolin, or a Ratliff mandolin in stock, and occasionally a Summit, Nugget, Monteleone, and even a Loar F5 has been found here. Bridge, tail piece and tuners are original with the fleur-di-lise backing plates and ivoriod buttons. If you can live with some playing wear this is a deal on a snakehead A2. Original finish with black top and a reddish back and sides, all solid woods with a two piece back and sides, spruce top, pearl logo and Fleur DI Lise in the peghead, original hardware including the inlaid Handel tuners, bound top and back, and a bound ebony fingerboard with treble extension. Frets were just dressed and the mandolin set up perfectly by luthier Jerry Ray. The A-4 was the top of the line A style mandolin for Gibson in 1919. Nice big woody sound from this mandolin with good bass! A straight original mandolin showing some very minor playing wear.

Perhaps a Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, or Jazzmaster is your thing. Nice big woody sound from this mandolin with good bass! No structural repairs and only a few of the usual nicks and dings. It has the true red sunburst top finish and reddish back and sides, pearl peghead inlay and logo, bound top and back, and a bound ebony fingerboard with treble extension. Neck is straight, neck angle is good and the frets show very little wear. Action is low and playable and it has a good ringing sound. Snakehead A models from 1923-1925 are the most sought after of the Gibson A style round hole instruments, and for good reason. This is the A4 which was the top of the line for the A style mandolins. Z635 13) Excellent minus condition with a dark sunburst finish front and back.

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