Dating and relationships for introverts

You must start expressing yourself so that people at least get to know you.

[ Read:21 Ways To Start A Conversation With The Guy You Like ] Your friends have tried to help you many a times in finding a date fir you but being the shy person you are, you refused to take their help and believed that you can manage on your own.

While one’s Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Personality Type can help shed light on how they perceive the world, where they draw energy from, what sort of lifestyle they prefer to lead, and how they make decisions, the four letters of one’s MBTI Type can also provide insight into how an individual behaves in a relationship.

Each individual has their own MBTI Personality Type, and their own way of perceiving the world, and understanding how Personality Type dynamics relate to a relationship can help keep both partners content.

Negotiate in advance the amount of socializing you’ll do as a couple on any given weekend, month, or year. That way, you don’t have to argue about it night after night.

In my book, I tell the story of a husband who wanted to host a dinner party every Friday night, and a wife who hated giving parties.

As the relationship progresses and the pair ends up spending more time together, they may start to get on each other’s nerves.

If you’re the introverted partner, you may start to wonder what you saw in your “loudmouth” mate to begin with!

People who are introvert by nature are assumed to be more romantic than extroverts. Their reserved nature comes in the way of expressing their feelings and professing their love.

Even though they like someone, they find it difficult to approach them and ask them out on a date.

Introverts do not talk much and that is a big problem.

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