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Cette liste, produite par le Conseil supérieur de la publicité (CSP), vaut pour 2009 et le premier trimestre 2010.

J'aurai besoin de votre aide pour enrichir la liste des clients connus de ces agences, que j'ai entrepris d'établir.

Die neue Entdeckung unserer Redaktion aus der Reihe „Fiktive Frauen aus den wildesten Männerträumen“ sind Real Dolls.

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- SARL Dialogue Production Martine Ducoulombier 22441849/Fax : 22446130 - SARL Voodoo Communication Fabrice Sawegnon 22437549/50/30/31 Fax : 22437531 Clients : Orange Côte d'Ivoire (création), UBA, Air Ivoire. So huge thanks for publishing this article here, without you I would never known about such a thing ever. 24, 2010 la réception du public n'était pas celle à laquelle nous nous serions attendus. Sometimes there is a bad movie in cinema, but more of them is good.

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By: Brian Flannery - Date: April 13, 2017 Speaker: Jack Li, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Clarifai When: Wednesday, May 10th at 3PM New York / 12PM San Francisco Clarifai is a machine learning company which aims to make artificial intelligence accessible to the entire world. I’d like to thank NATS team for reaching out and giving me the opportunity to talk about our use of NATS in a new project called Choria that upgrades The Marionette Collective for a more modern environment. By: Jack Li - Date: March 8, 2017 Clarifai is a machine learning company which aims to make artificial intelligence accessible to the entire world.

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