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): The Jesus Lovin’ Guy There’s definitely a difference between a “God-fearing” man, and a Jesus-loving man.When a man is in love with Jesus, you can tell, because it overflows out of everything he says, and does – and impacts how he lives his life.But sometimes ladies will look past this one, if other qualities are really outstanding.

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Dating check list

I went on dates with guys I didn’t feel attracted to, hoping the feeling would change. I went on dates with guys I thought were a little boring, hoping I’d uncover some hidden excitement. And I went on dates with guys whose worlds were very different from mine, hoping I’d find some comfort. More from Your Tango: How Important Is Kissing Compatibility?

[EXPERT]The real struggle for me occurred before I came to the realization that relationships are difficult.

Get outside, try a new workout, and recommit to making movement a regular part of your life.

With the new energy that seems to surround us in spring, finding new ways to unleash your creative spirit will put you in an open-minded space.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not the only tool we use to evaluate the men we date, but it is very important. Women have a tendency to get flustered and excited, and just dive in to whatever new relationship has caught their eye.

For a long, long time you’ve probably heard the saying that he “checks off everything on my list.” But did you know that there really is a list women use? Sometimes, we forget about the important things—other than how fantastic his abs are.

If you're like much of the world, your energy and motivation slow down during the winter—perhaps health and physical goals have fallen by the wayside in favor of cozier choices like sitting near the fire under a fuzzy blanket.

It can be challenging to emerge from the hibernation of the winter months, but with these six steps, you can get yourself back into the dating mindset in no time. If you're holding on to items you don't need or won't ever use, it's time to let them go.

The BFF Material Guy Ladies, don’t overlook the BFF.

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