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Owner description: The historic Guildhall is one of Derry's most recognisable landmarks, located in the heart of the city since 1890.The Guildhall is a must see visitor attraction with over 20 magnificent stained glass windows representing the history of the city and the Plantation of Ulster exhibition .

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Built in the 16th century, Derry's walls have never been breached earning it the nickname "The Maiden City".

In our recent inspection report we were graded Outstanding in all areas.

Inspectors from ETI noted: "The children are extremely proud of their school and their achievements; their behaviour is excellent.

Since many were financed by wealthy London guilds, they changed the name to "Londonderry." To keep out the Irish, who'd been forced onto less desirable land, the English surrounded the city with a stout defensive wall.

Today those walls make Derry one of the best-preserved fortified cities in Ireland.

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But, for sentimental and economic reasons, the Protestant North kept all of this predominantly Catholic Nationalist city.

Subsequently, the two sides have fought over its status. It's "Derry" to the Catholics and "Londonderry" to the Protestants. He chose a hilltop site in the middle of an oak grove, or "doire." The name stuck.

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