Dating game improv characters

During the scene, two "Movers" (Audience Members) can move the performers or their appendages and the performers must go with it and justify it as they perform the scene.Tap the back of the thigh to get them to walk with that leg.

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Ask a Cartoon Character – Hosted by special guest Allie Cat Cosplay – We will discuss and demonstrate various makeup tutorials suited for cosplay, including basic beauty makeup for photoshoots, how to apply minor prosthetics, as well as go over topics such as wigs and contacts to help cosplayers transform into their characters safely, affordably, and convincingly.

Cosplay 101 – Hosted by special guest Kendel B Cosplay – Join Kendel B in talking about the basics of cosplay.

They take over the character and physical position of the person they are switching to.

One or two performers act freely while another is given a playbook.

Cosplay for Beginners A comprehensive presentation over how to get started in making cosplays for beginners.

The presentation will include an overview of how to use patterns, which fabrics to use, acquiring the basic tools to get started, and advice from a self-taught seamstress.

– Hosted by special guest Kristen Mc Guire – Improv is the foundation for any type of acting, whether it’s stage, voice over, or just everyday life! This workshop provides tips on letting readers inside the character’s head to experience that emotional response.

Come join Kristen Mc Guire and participate in fun improv games that will get those creative acting juices flowing! Armor Making – Hosted by special guest Kendel B Cosplay – Join Kendel B Cosplay in the cosplay armor making process.

It’s a game show where in-character cosplayers compete with each-other to win the heart of a bachelor or bachelorette that is also cosplaying, and responding in-character.

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